An editor from Buzzfeed reached out many moths back asking if it would be ok to feature this t-shirt in an upcoming article. Like any small business owner, I don't even think I finished reading the entire message before I immediately hit reply / yes, please. I didn't think much about it after that afternoon. As an Etsy shop owner, you tend to get random messages here and there for collaborations (ie free products, which is crazy) so I wasn’t necessarily holding my breath.   

Then right before Christmas, as I sat in carline to pick up my  Kindergartener, the message came thru "Hi Casey, the article is live!".  21 Impressive Holiday Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses.  Whaat?! Granted I was number 21 of but y'all I made the list!   

As I was sitting there beaming with excitment I remebered I was supposed to put my Etsy shop on vacation mode the following in the world could I do that now? 

So I didnt. I put my oldest to work (real, paid work), and together we banged out all of the orders that came rolling in over the next few weeks. With every shirt we made, it made me so happy to see the message resonate with others, either for themselves or for a woman in their life they were giving a gift too. 

As quick as my orders boomed, they I did have to shut down the site on 12/19 to welcome baby #3 on 12/22. 

December was so unbelievably awesome, in so many ways. 

*speaking of Strong Women, the young lady featured in the pic is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She has been empowering me for the last 23 + years.  She is a constant supporter of Wild Liberty and more importantly, of me in general. Whether things are going great or going not-so great, she has always been just a phone call away.