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Go easy on yourself.

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

I goofed up today. Not a real-life, never recover, forever remembered mistake, but a mistake that made me cringe, deep. As an entrepreneur when these little things pop up, because lets be real - they do, you start to question everything...all of your competencies. Why do I think I can do all of this? What if I get a terrible review? What made me think I could run my own business? How did I let this happen?!

That is the kind of morning I have had today. In the mix of making breakfast, shuffling the kids off to school, working on a new logo, checking inventory for today's orders, playing with little foam letters on the floor with the baby...a message came regarding my error. Ugh, all of this before 10 a.m.. While I have worked hard the last few years on stifling my need for perfection, it is still a gut punch. It's just a shipping mix up. Its just a t-shirt order. It can be fixed. Yet still, it sends my mind spiraling and I start rethinking everything.

Then, my day recovered, as quickly as it had unraveled. For the last 10 months, our littlest one has (mostly) taken her naps in someone's arms or snuggled in tight next to one of us sitting in bed. Today, I needed her to nap in her crib so I could get a few things done while she slept. It was a rough start, and then I picked her up and sang the one song I remember my mother singing. I sang it over and over as we rocked. She fell right asleep and I was able to lay her down. I walked away thinking that song my mother sang of those years ago brought my baby comfort...then realized I may have needed it just as much as she did.

It's so easy to be so hard on ourselves, as a woman, as a mom, as a small business easier. Find comfort, choose joy, and most importantly - be easy on yourself.




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